Supporting STEM in Schools

Our very own Sarah Weeden was invited to help with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) day at a local primary school and over the day talked to 270 children about water treatment. For Reception and Year 2, Sarah helped in each class where they made ‘rivers’ in a plastic box using dirt (coffee), sticks, leaves, stones and an array of plastic fish (including surprisingly a whale, crocodile and octopus). They then treated the river with a screen (colander) and filter (coffee filter).

Sarah also talked to the 90 children in Year 4 and we were told one of the highlights was when she showed them an example of a pump by squirting one of the teachers with a water pistol. Their reaction was very different when she showed a ‘sewage’ sample (made with Weetabix, sweetcorn and toilet roll)! It was great to see all the children engaged with Science and Engineering showing their impressive knowledge across all the year groups.